Guys, this is important:


First of all it was everybody vs reagan but now the "allies" side has divided into so many groups that it's confusing

Second of all this was has gone too far and we must stop this before everybody gets banned or everybody leaves this wikia

Thirdly-of-all this may spread to the TFOE and Micronations wikia, our sister wikias and knock them out as well

I've dropped out of this war now, anyway Here's a resolution:

  1. We all meet up on a chat and discuss an ending to this, time zones will make this difficult, but about 12:00 UTC/GMT will be fine as that was the climax of the war. (Although I may miss it because of school)
  2. We reduce Blocked IP and SwissEmperor's block from 99 years to about 1 month. And possibly Piscesall's  block as well
  3. We end this stupid arguement and all the factions automatically fall apart and we go back to normal.
  4. (Optional) We vote for a system that we vote for a new wikia leader every about 3-6 months. 

I've copied and pasted this onto the Polandball wikia and the Polandball Wikia Users wikia and the Polandball Community wikia so everyone can read and comment.